AstroPar Par 64 LED Black — $95
From: cslsteve  |  City: North Creek  |  Manufacturer: Creative Stage Lighting  |  Posted: Mar 17, 2015




Two time tested and trusted designs; the rugged CSL aluminum PAR can and the reliable Color Kinetics LED engine come together in a unique high quality fixture: AstroPAR.
No longer do you have to choose between a poor quality LED PAR can with wimpy output or a heavy, ugly die cast unit. AstroPar gives you the PAR can look with professional quality and performance.
AstroPAR is the only LED par can on the market that uses industry standard 4-pin XLR P&D cables. AstroPAR can even be used simultaneously with Philips Color Kinetics ColorBlast TR, powered by the same PDS power data supply if needed.
AstroPAR is available in chrome and black finish. Includes 60” cordest with 4-pin XLR and color frame.
AstroPAR is designed and constructed to hold up to the rigors of touring. AstroPAR fits in industry standard Pre-Rig Truss to work and look like your existing PAR Can inventory, only with full RGB color mixing. The deeply recessed LEDs help eliminate unwanted glare as is common with LED fixtures. Unintentional direct viewing of the LEDs is also greatly reduced allowing for use in sensitive applications.
When using 14 AWG power and 22AWG control cable, AstroPAR can run up to 150’ from the PDS power data supply, up to 90’ further than the rec- ommended distance of most other LED fixtures that use the same power and data supply.
AstroPAR is less than half the weight of most die cast LED PARs without sacrificing proper cooling of LEDs. Because of efficient heat dissipation, the AstroPAR has no fans or moving parts, resulting in silent, ultra-reliable, lower cost operation.
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