Tour Ready Lighting System- Coemar, 575 GRE, Distro, Workbox, 6 Ch. Snak — $5000
From: mcaulk  |  City: Columbus  |  Manufacturer: Coemar, GRE  |  Posted: Jun 16, 2015




10 Intelligent Light Tour Ready System. 5,000.00
Includes- 8 Coemar 250 ProSpots LX, 2 GRE 575 Color Wash, Single Phase Power Distro with either bare wire tie-in or cam-lock tie-in, 6 Channel CBI 100 ft. snake, 4 Drawer Workbox, 20 Cheeseboro clamps, various length DMX purple canairy cables (two white ones for FOH), 4 double light road custom road cases, 2 575 custom road cases, custom road case for distro, and standard 4 foot tall, 4 drawer workbox. Some of the shells on the Coemar's have dips in them from being cased hot after show, the 575's have small cracks on the bottom(see pics) I have toured with the package as ground support and the entire system is cased and ready for your tour. Coemar's quality is outstanding and the shells can be replaced for 85 dollars. None of the aforementioned effects functionality of the system in more cosmetic than anything. The system is in Columbus Ohio, but I will deliver it regionally at the cost of van rental plus gas and hotel if needed. I am not opposed to payment plan if you put half up front and sigh a legally binding agreement of monthly payments. You can view more pictures on Ebay
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